Knowledge Exchange at the National Centre for Resilience

Knowledge exchange is fundamental to our work at the National Centre for Resilience (NCR). We believe that to develop our nationwide resilience the only option is to work together in collaboration. Our centre exists to support cross-sector working and sharing of knowledge. 

To move forward and facilitate climate adaptation and resilient communities it is essential we get accurate and evidence-based information to the people who need it and can apply it.

We recognise that the sharing of knowledge is a two-way street, with valuable insights flowing between researchers and the communities and practitioners who navigate natural hazards on a regular basis. Across Scotland, many communities have firsthand experience with  natural hazard events. This local knowledge is invaluable when evaluating new scientific research, ensuring that projects we support are not only worthwhile but also directly relevant to the challenges faced by these communities.

The inclusion of local representatives and lived experience is essential to successful projects. Understanding the intricacies of local issues, connections, and relationships is paramount to the development of resilience strategies. While geographical differences may exist and emergencies may vary in appearance, the core problems faced by these communities often bear striking similarities.

Recognising the importance of leveraging existing knowledge, the NCR promotes knowledge exchange between practitioners, policy, researchers and communities. By facilitating collaboration and information sharing, we aim to harness collective expertise to empower communities, strengthen resilience, and enhance the impact of scientific research on the ground.

We host regular cross-sector knowledge exchange events
Image shows the hands of two people deep in discussion.

So how do we do this?

Empowering Stakeholders: We engage with stakeholders at every stage of a project process, from conception to implementation. By fostering dialogue we empower stakeholders to contribute to projects and ensure benefit communities, policy and researchers. 

Creating Impact: We believe that research should not exist in isolation. Through knowledge exchange, we translate research outputs into practical solutions, and tools that are useful and useable. 

Building Partnerships We work to build strong partnerships with the policy community, academic institutions, community leaders and resilience practitioners which allow for new opportunities and maximise the impact of research.

Staying connected We ensure we’re regularly reaching out to our networks and bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise which help to tackle the most pressing issues facing our country today.

Is this a service we provide?

When costed in to funding bids as a hen costed in as a junior partner or co-investigator we can help provide knolwedge exchange services. 

Matchmaking Where necessary we can act as a matchmaker with academics, practice or communities for projects

Events Management We can facilitate events and conferences that align with your projects & research

Dissemination We will offer dissemination and knowledge exchange across our networks – with our blog, policy briefs, newsletter and short video series.

Consultancy We can help to develop joint funding bids

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